Sunday, March 16, 2014

If you want to make your physicality funnier or your comedy more physical, then you’ve come to the right place. This institute is an intensive two-week laboratory, a unique opportunity to dive into the physical comedian’s tool chest, and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

What You Get:
Thirteen very full days of immersive physical comedy training with ten of the top teachers in the field, in classes with a maximum of ten students each. Work morning, noon, and night and for two weeks live in a community of people you are bound to fall for!

Arrive Sunday afternoon, June 8th; leave Sunday morning, June 22nd. Four classes a day plus evening activities. We even work on the weekend! Never a dull moment....

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At the legendary Celebration Barn Theater in beautiful South Paris, Maine — that's Maine, USA, not France! — about 45 minutes from the Portland  airport (Portland, Maine — not Oregon!). Lodging and meals available at the Barn.

(Yes, you get to take all of them — see schedule)

Leonard Pitt (Berkeley):  Bringing the Mask to Life

Mooky Cornish (Canada) — Slips, Slaps, and Spills

John Towsen (New York):  Physical Comedy: Old Techniques, New Applications

Leland Faulkner (Maine):   Hocus-Pocus with a Physical Focus: Magic for the Non-Magician

Betsy Baytos (Los Angeles):  Eccentric & Character Movement

Joseph Herscher (New Zealand / Brooklyn):  Kinetic Scenography: Human Rube Goldberg Machines

Karen Gersch (New York):  Balancing Bodies: Serious Comedy Partnering

Sigfrido Aguilar (Mexico):  Comic/Dramatic Movement or Teatro Corpóreo Cómico

Don Rieder (Canada):  Give & Receive — a Performance Lab

Drew Richardson (Virginia) & Leland Faulkner:  DIY Silent Movies

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Did we mention it will be fun?

Did we mention it will be intense?