Saturday, March 15, 2014

Schedule new

After 4pm on Sunday, June 8

June 8
8pm:  Orientation meeting

June 9
Classes begin

Weekday Schedule:
8:30–10:30 — first class
10:45–12:45 — second class
1:00 — lunch
2:15–4:15 — third class
4:30–6:30 — fourth class
7:00 — dinner & clean-up

First week = non-mandatory film showings and presentations, plus time to practice
Second week = mostly reserved for working on DIY movies and Performance Lab pieces

Schedule for weekend of June 14–15
Details TBA, but figure on at least 4 hours of class time a day.
On Saturday evening the 14th, Celebration will be producing a show in the Barn's theatre space which you may attend for free.

Saturday, June 21
Wrap-up, presentation of final pieces and movies.
In the evening, Celebration will be producing a variety show, which you may attend for free, and there may be an opportunity to perform as well.

Sunday, June 22
Departure by 10am.

First-Week Teachers:
Leonard Pitt
John Towsen
Leland Faulkner

Weekend Teacher(s):
Joseph Herscher
Betsy Baytos

Second-Week Teachers
Sigfrido Aguilar
Karen Gersch
Don Rieder
Drew Richardson / Leland Faulkner

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